About Us

About Us

Welcome to the CWDA

The Canadian Women’s Dodgeball Association is a platform and safe space that encourages women in dodgeball to create local leagues, workshops and skills clinics within their communities. The CWDA will be providing support with resources which will include practice outlines, drills, basic skill overview, high level training, how to create a dodgeball league, how to run a tournament, and more!

The CWDA plans to accelerate the retention and advancement of girls and women in dodgeball throughout Canada by focusing on keeping more girls in sport, increasing women’s leadership, influencing the landscape, and continuing to grow the sport through national partnerships. We will also strive to create an equitable and inclusive community that empowers women in dodgeball, as active participants, and leaders throughout Canada. The CWDA also believes that all individuals deserve respectful and inclusive environments for participation that value the individual’s gender identity and gender expression. We will ensure that all participants have access to programming and facilities in which they feel comfortable and safe.

There is an opportunity to inspire the minds of women to commit to the love of dodgeball. With our help, we will encourage local community leaders and organizations to play a part in removing the barriers that keep women athletes away from dodgeball. We must pay attention to what women want and design events and programs with their needs at the fore. Core values of the CWDA include equity, diversity, integrity, inclusion, respect, collaboration, accountability, impact and courage.



Company Founded

Board Established & First Official Meeting

Website Launched

Our Team

Board Members

Jessica Shmigelsky


Jenna-Dee Sanche

Vice President

Keryn van der Dijken

Director of Technology

Kristina Jacklin

Director of Finance & Administration

Samantha Berrie

Director of Programs & Events

Stacey McGillicuddy

Director of Sport & Development

Veronica Baird

Director of Creative Operations

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