Director of Programs & Events
Brief info

Occupation: Mortgage Administrator
Current Tournament Team: Tempest Dodgeball BC (@tempest.dodgeballbc)

I grew up playing a multitude of sports – volleyball, softball, track & field, even water polo… but most of my athletic career was focused around playing competitive basketball; which I played from age 10 all the way into college before having my career cut short due to concussion complications. A few years or work and rest later I discovered dodgeball (Extreme Dodgeball Hamilton) through my eldest sister and played in that league for a few years before finally moving to North Vancouver, BC and eventually joining the Vancouver Dodgeball League (VDL), where I have been playing IDA style dodgeball for 7+ years now. Though I started as just a player with VDL, I quickly started my volunteer journey with them as a League night coordinator. That role then increased to helping run programs and events with the league, and now I am the Division Director for the Womxn’s Only Division, which has been growing and thriving since we started it in 2022.

Dodgeball History:

  • IDA
  • WDBF
  • League coordinator for VDL and now Division Director for Womens Div

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